LG 16L Dehumidifier

Model MD16GQSA1

  • Smart ThinQ™
  • Dual Inverter Compressor™
  • Noise Min 33dB | Max 39dB
  • Auto Clean
  • Y-Hose & T-Hose
  • Push and Pull Easy Handle
  • Easy-Roll Caster [360°]
* 16L/day 26.7°C RH60%
   28L/day 30.0°C RH80%
Main W37 X D35 X H72cm
Compressor 10 Years Labour & Parts 2 Years
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Rs 17,995 VAT INC Rs 19,995 VAT INC
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Why LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier?

Cozy home with Dual Inverter

1. Dual Inverter Compressor 2. IoT SmartThinQâ„¢ 3. Convenient Design

Dual Inverter Compressor

Comparing to conventional inverter compressors, dual inverter compressor requires less driving time, thus increasing energy efficiency.

Why LG? Dual Inverter Compressor

The compressor determines the operating efficiency, performance and noise level of the dehumidifier. LG Dual Inverter Compressor is effective in energy-saving, strong performance, low noise level and is extremely durable.

Smart Efficiency

According to the humidity, the dehumidification intensity will be automatically adjusted, making the indoor environment dry and comfortable.

Strong Performance

The Dual Inverter design allows a strong dehumidification, with up to 28L daily dehumidification capacity, which is equivalent to 110 pieces of 250ml bottled water.

* 16L/day 26.7°C RH60%
   28L/day 30.0°C RH80%

Less Noise

With 33dB low noise operation, your sleep will not be disturbed even when used at night.


10-year warranty for the compressor.

Push-and-Pull handle

Height of the handle is at the waist level therefore could be easily moved around.

Easy-Roll Caster

Can be rotated in 360°, allows for smooth moving.

Transparent Water Tank Design

The tank can be held with one hand. The Built-in cover design prevents water leaking and the transparency allows you to quick check the water storage capacity.

Speedy Dry with Shoe+Closet hose

Shoe Dry Y-hose

Fitted with the shape of shoes, it effectively removes the moisture inside and achieves high-speed drying.

Closet Dry T-hose

Can be placed in a narrow closet and drawer to prevent moisture and mildew.

Safe Dehumidification

18 safety features for your peace of mind.

Nano Ion

Removing harmful bacteria from the air.

Auto Clean

After use, drying the inside of dehumidifier to prevent mold.

Continuous Drainage

Continuously draining water without emptying the water tank.

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