LG 2.1Ch 2900W Hi-Fi System

Model CL88

  • Party Accelerator+
  • Multi Color[RGB] Lighting
  • Auto DJ: DJ Effect
  • Multi Bluetooth® [Up to 3 Mobiles]
  • Karaoke | Voice Canceller | Vocal Effect
  • Wireless Party Link Connection [Double Sound]
  • LG TV Sound Sync [Wireless]
  • 2 USB | 1 AUX IN | 1 Audio IN 3.5mm | 2 MIC
Woofer 8” [20cm] X 2
Tweeter 1.57” [4cm] X 2
Subwoofer 10” [25cm] X 1
Labour 2 Years Parts 2 Years
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Rs 22,995 VAT INC
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Wireless Party Link

Double your sound

Link two LG XBOOM CL88 systems together wirelessly to increase the output to 5800 watts. This is immense sound for amazing parties.

Multi Bluetooth®

Share the playlist

Pair up to 3 devices with the CL88 via Bluetooth®. Seamlessly control a playlist with any of them, with no interruption to music.

Powerful 2900-Watt Sound

Perfect for parties

LG XBOOM CL88 pumps out mighty sound with booming bass. Rock the party with big tunes that get everyone dancing.

Party Accelerator+

Get high on the music

Choose your own sound and push the accelerator forward. Hear the sound build until it peaks with a thunderous boom.

Multi Color [RGB] Lighting

Light up your party

Colored lights flash in sync with the music to add excitement and atmosphere to parties.

Auto DJ: DJ Effect

Control DJ sound effects from your smartphone

Pump up the party with 4 sound effects, including Flanger, Phaser, Wah, and Delay. Also use Club, Drum, and User modes on the DJ Pad.

LG TV Sound Sync [Wireless]

Be more immersed

Connect the CL88 to your LG TV via Bluetooth® to experience more impressive, room-filling sound.

Dual USB Connectivity

Play and record

Dual USB allows for recording capabilities. Also choose from a variety of input options including Bluetooth®, 2 USB ports, DVD, CD and FM Radio.

Karaoke Star

Be the lead singer

Singing is easy and enjoyable with a voice canceller to reduce in-track vocals and a key changer that tunes the music to your voice. You can also choose 18 different vocal effects to sing with.


Model Product Title Retail Price Promo Price General Body Type 1 Body Type 2 Channel Sound Power[RMS] Sound[Audio Quality] AI Sound Pro Dolby Atmos Dolby True HD Dolby Digital Plus Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Surround DTS:X DTS:Virtual X DTS-HD Master Audio DTS-HD High Resolution DTS Digital Surround Hi-Res Sampling Hi-Res Upsampling Way of Speakers Connectivity HDMI In[Version] HDMI Out[Version] HDCP ARC/eARC 4K pass-through USB AUX In MIC Optical In Bluetooth® FM Radio Others LG TV Sync DJ Juke Box Karaoke Voice Canceller Voice Effect Party Link[Dual] Lighting DVD Built-In Warranty Labour Parts
CL88 2.1Ch 2900W Hi-Fi System Rs 22,995 Hi-Fi 4Body 2.1ch 2900W N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 3Way N N N N N 2 1 1 N 4.0 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N 2Years 2Years

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