Turboair 1,063m³/hr Box Style


  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Touch Control
  • Removable Rectifier Panel
  • Stainless Steel Double Layer Filter
Level Noise Air Flow
Min 70dB 990m3/hr
Max 73dB 1,063m3/hr
Boost 76dB 1,155m3/hr
Main W90 X D 52 X H 66 cm
Labour 2 Years Parts 2 Years
Transport 1 Year
Availability: As from Mid January 2021
Rs 17,245 VAT INC Rs 22,995 VAT INC
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Additional Options

Eliminates Cooking Grease, Moisture and Odor

This kitchen hood is equipped with rectifier panel that helps to gather smoke and oil fumes. It is specially designed for heavy oily Asian cooking.

Rectifier Panel

Rectifier panel slows down the rising smoke and cooking fumes, so they can be easily collected and exhausted. Airflow is directed to the hood's four sides. The suction traps the fumes and smoke. This design separates external airflow from cooking fumes. Hoods with the rectifier panel can gather more smoke, cooking vapors and other odors than conventional hoods.

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