• 1964

    Dragon de Chine (Electronics) was established

    Our Chairman, Michel Lan Kwet Hian, G.O.S.K. founded Dragon de Chine (Electronics) at La Rue La Chaussée, Port Louis. At that time, our first product was the Vacuum Tube Radio from NEC, Japan

  • 1970

    1st Color TV in Mauritius

    Dragon de Chine (Electronics) was among the first to launch the color TV in Mauritius

  • 1975


    Ariston appointed Dragon de Chine (Electronics) as Sole Distributor

  • 1985

    NEC TV

    Due to high import duties on TV, and following the incentive from the government, Dragon de Chine (Electronics) started to assemble NEC TV from Complete Knock Down

  • 1986

    Ariston Free Standing Cooker

    And then Dragon de Chine (Electronics) started to assemble Ariston Free Standing Cooker from Complete Knock Down

  • 1987

    Business meeting with SHARP in Japan

    Michel Lan Kwet Hian bought this property to build the future of Dragon de Chine (Electronics)

  • 1988

    Business meeting with NEC in Japan

  • 1989

    Goldstar, now LG

    Goldstar, now known as LG, appointed Dragon de Chine (Electronics) as its Sole Distributor

  • 1990

    Dragon Electronics

    Dragon de Chine (Electronics) changed to Dragon Electronics, and at the same time, we introduced Personal Computer, Key Telephone System, and PABX System

    Head Office and Service Centre

    Completion of Dragon House where we are now: Head Office, Service Centre & Warehouse

  • 1991

    Dragon Electronics Rose Hill was opened at Les Galeries Evershine

  • 1993

    Dragon Electronics Quatre Bornes was opened at Orchard Centre

  • 1995

    GOLDSTAR sponsored Sunrise S.C

  • 1997

    Ariston Built-In Appliance was launched

  • 1999

    Dragon Electronics Roche Bois was opened at Dragon House

  • 2002

    LG CFC Free Air Conditioner

    Dragon Electronics was the first to introduce LG CFC Free Air Conditioner

  • 2004

    LG Mobile

    Launching of LG Mobile Phone

    Dragon Electronics Curepipe was opened at Arcade Salaffa

  • 2008

    LG Inverter Air Conditioner

    Dragon Electronics was the first to introduce LG Inverter Technology Air Conditioner

  • 2011

    1st LG Brand Shop

    Dragon Electronics opened the 1st LG Brand Shop at Bagatelle Mall, Moka. It was the 2nd LG Brand Shop to open in the sub-Saharan region, only a few days after the one at Canal Walk in Cape Town, South Africa

  • 2012

    2nd LG Brand Shop

    The 2nd LG Brand Shop was opened at Grand Baie La Croisette. Then all of the 6 existing shops were converted to LG Brand Shops

  • 2013

    The Best Performing Distributor

    LG South Africa awarded Dragon Electronics the Best Performing Distributor

  • 2014

    50th Anniversary of Dragon Electronics

    BEST Partnership award from LG Electronics South Africa

    New company identity | logo reveal

  • 2015

    Opening of the 9th LG Brand Shop in Chemin Grenier

  • 2016

    Opening of the 10th LG Brand Shop in Goodlands

    Opening of the 11th LG Brand Shop in Mahébourg

  • 2017

    Opening of the 12th LG Brand Shop at Rivière Noire, Ruisseau Créole

  • 2019

    30 Years Partnership with LG

    Opening of 13th LG Brand Shop at Phoenix, Le Valentina

  • 2020

    LG Inverter Air Conditioner

    Dragon Electronics was the first to launch in Mauritius LG Air Conditioner using R32 Refrigerant Gas that has lower environmental impact than R410a Refrigerant Gas

    G.O.S.K. Award

    On the occasion of the National Day Celebrations on 12 March 2020, Michel Lan Kwet Hian, Chairman of Dragon Electronics, was elevated to the rank of Grand Officer of the Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean (G.O.S.K.) for distinguished contribution in the field of Business

  • 2021

    Renovation of Dragon House

    Transformation of our Head Office, Service Centre facility and Warehouse facility to serve customers the very best they deserve